Important Sybase commands

Here you can find useful commands to maintain and administrate a Sybase ASE database. This collection of important Sybase commands are commonly used by database administrators. Here i will share my script repository with you. Furthermore you can share and provide your experiences with Sybase and how you accomplish administrative work. I would much appreciate your … Read more

How to backup the Sybase Server Configuration

Why you should backup your Sybase Server Configuration: It is worth, when you have all settings before a disaster outage happens. The Sybase configuration is corrupt, your Sybase service do not start and you can not find the Sybase configuration file in your filesystem backup. Then it would be worth, to have a copy of … Read more

Hints and Tips for Sybase Database Backup

Informations for a successfully Sybase database backup strategy. Today i will provide some usefull hints and considerations for doing Sybase database backup. Therefore this informations are based on my experiances and knowlege. Furthermore you are wellcome to share your own approach and suggestions. This article gives you only additional informations, suggestions and experiences and what would be nice … Read more

run SSH Commands with Powershell

Now you can implement a Powershell function to run SSH Commands on AIX and Linux. Collect Data and create HTML reports. Monitor systems, create events and notify yourself with email when thresholds raises. Powershell will do your work and enjoy your Admin Life. You can use it for the following tasks: Get DB2Diag.log Get all DB2 … Read more

DB2 Runstats only on Tables with a high change rate

Maintain your DB2 Data regularly! If the online reorg and auto runstats hamper your daily workload scheduler this script after your nightly ETL load or when application performance is not relevant. Up to date DB2 Table Statistics and a well stored data pages = better performance and fewer IO An easy way to archive this is to … Read more

run DB2 Commands with Powershell

Leverage the power of Powershell to run DB2 commands on AIX, Linux or Windows. For example: Start BACKUP DATABASE commands Run table and index reorg and collect statistics Monitor DB2 Transaction Log and Manage Tablespaces Manipulate data with select – update – insert or delete Schedule scripts on Windows VM with Task Scheduler. Collect Monitoring data … Read more

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